Elevate Your Game with the most precise & real time data with Bat+ smart sensor chip powered by IoT-AI technology. 

Just attach the small, lightweight smart cricket bat chip to the end of your bat, connect it to the Bat+ App and let Bat+ assist you on your journey to master the game of Cricket.



To enable millions of athletes discover

the full potential in their sport by

making  technology and innovation



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the way you train

Whether you are a power hitter or sweet timer of the ball, Bat+ quantifies every shot.

It gives you a lot of interesting and actionable insights. Now go convert 1s to 2s and 2s to 4s.

Bat speed

Does your bat have enough speed to ensure the ball clears the rope?

3D Animation  

Visually looking at your bat path accurately for a particular type of shot.

Swing efficiency

Are you timing the impact at the right moment when your bat speed is maximum?

Wagon wheel

Get a 360-degree overview of your scoring areas in your net session.

Swing Path

Does your swing have the optimum

angles to maximize your outcome?  Know the parameters of your swing like Backlift angle, Follow through angle, Downswing angle.


Join the league of

Smart academies

Compare and contrast metrics of a player from the past or with peers/professionals


Access Players data anywhere with Cloud storage

Track progress – day wise, week wise, month wise

Set Goals on specific metrics to track progress & achievement



Bat+ Sports Tech Training Certification Program


Be amongst the forerunners by joining India’s first Cricket Technology Certified Coaching Program.


Membership is on Invite only basis.


Contact us to understand more about Bat+ and our plans to bring in technological disruption in Sports.

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